Beech Grove




Engage, Enrich, Excel                                                                                                                                                               
At Beech Grove, we are committed to working in partnership with parents to provide an engaging and enriching educational experience for all our pupils so that they excel academically and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to lead happy and fulfilled lives.  


We ENGAGE our pupils in the joy of learning through a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum that is driven by pupil needs and interests. We seek to develop our pupils as creative thinkers, problem solvers and collaborators, who have the motivation, resilience and self-belief to shape their own futures and make a positive contribution to society.


We ENRICH our pupils’ learning by connecting them to their local, national and global world and by opening doors to new experiences and opportunities. We recognise and nurture talent through specialist teaching in art, music and sport.



We support every pupil to EXCEL, regardless of the barriers or challenges they may face and are committed to building an inclusive school that raises aspirations for all. We place staff and pupil well-being at the centre of our work, ensuring our core values are brought to life in all that we do.



Our six values sit at the heart of our thinking and decision making and guide us towards achieving our vision. They were chosen by our school community and the definitions were written by our Year 6 pupils. Our values are a weekly focus in our assemblies, curriculum teaching and in our day to day discussions with pupils.


Respect: Showing you care about the feelings, wishes and the rights of others. It can also be about admiring someone for their skills or qualities.                                 

Responsibility: Being accountable for something. It is about accepting that you are in charge of your own behaviour and actions. 

Resilience:  The ability to recover quickly from things if they do not go as you planned. You have to believe in yourself, persevere and not be afraid to make mistakes.   

Aspiration: The desire to turn hopes or dreams into reality. It is when you want to get better at something and do all you can in order to achieve this. If you have aspiration you have hope.  

Courage: The ability to do something that frightens you. It is when you try something even though you know you might not be able to succeed. It is what helps you to overcome your fears.

Kindness: The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Kindness is a gift. It is free, can come from anyone and brightens your day. 


Our school community chose four learning behaviours that we believe are key to being a successful Beech Grove learner. We focus on one learning behaviour per half term within assemblies and the wider curriculum. We celebrate individual pupil’s learning behaviours in our celebration assemblies. 

Engagement: Being totally immersed in your learning and inspired to take an active role in the learning process. It requires a range of skills such as active listening and questioning.

Perseverance: The ability or willingness to continue with a task or challenge you have set your mind to, despite difficulty or delay in success. It involves not giving up when faced with a challenge.

Independence: The ability to drive your own learning, taking ownership and responsibility for your own success. It is about making effective use of resources and knowing when to ask for help.

Collaboration: The ability to work well with others as part of a team to achieve a goal or task. It requires members of the team to take responsibility for the contribution they make.