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Religious Education

RE progression      Year A and B overviews

It is a legal requirement to teach RE in all maintained schools. Our school RE curriculum is based on the Somerset LEA’s Agreed Syllabus 2019 (AMV syllabus, written by SACRE) and it meets all the requirements set out in that document. The Education Act states that the RE syllabus should reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian and that it should, at the same time, take account of the teachings and practices of other major religions.

Our teaching enables children to extend their own sense of values and promotes their spiritual growth and development. We encourage children to think about their own views and values in relation to the themes and topics studied in the RE curriculum.

Our teaching and learning styles in RE enable children to build on their own experiences and extend their knowledge and understanding of religious traditions.

We organise visits to local places of worship and invite representatives of local religious groups to come into school and talk to the children. Children study particular religious faiths and compare the religious views of different faith groups on topics such as rites of passage or festivals. Children discuss religious and moral issues during whole class discussions.

KS1 children look at Christianity and Judaism and KS2 children look at Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. Each programme of study consists of a number of units of work. These take the form of a key question followed by a series of supplementary questions. Pupils must be given an opportunity to consider these questions at some point in the key stage indicated and they themselves are encouraged to ask questions.

RE can help pupils to listen well and respond respectfully and sensitively when encountering people from different faiths and beliefs. Attitudes such as respect, care, curiosity and concern should be promoted through all areas of school life. In this way religious education contributes to the whole school ethos.