Beech Grove

Recovery Curriculum

We recognise that, due to the ‘Covid-19 pandemic, our children have experienced huge changes to their lives as well as a loss of their normal routines, social interactions and relationships. As a result, it is paramount that we provide all our children with the support they need to feel confident and safe in school and to re-engage with both their learning and peers. We know that this recovery is not a 'quick fix' and will take place over years rather than months. 

Our aim at Beech Grove Primary school is to provide a safe, nurturing environment to rebuild the trust lost during the pandemic. To allow the children to reconnect with our school family while re-discovering their sense of self and confidence to once again become resilient, responsible and aspirational learners.

To enable the children to re-engage with school life and all that entails, we have prioritised their mental health and well-being within our curriculum. All classes have a ‘slow start’ to the day engaging in calm, social activities designed to build confidence, promote a sense of safety and prepare children for learning. There is a strong focus across the week on PSHE, ‘Zones of Regulation’ and developing a ‘Growth Mindset’.

If you would like to find out more about what it means to have a ‘Growth Mindset’, please follow this link to a short, online course for parents:



There continues to be a strong focus on fostering a love of reading and physical education within a broad and balanced curriculum.

We have amended our curriculum maps where necessary, to revisit and reinforce prior learning and key concepts which children need in order to progress. At the heart of our recovery curriculum is a strong focus on developing our school values and learning behaviours which we know are key to the children becoming engaged, independent learners.