Beech Grove


We are a Year 2 class and our teacher is Miss Guarraci  

Autumn 2 Class News

We have had such a busy term in Rabbits class and have really enjoyed ourselves. In our writing sessions, we learnt 'The Magic Porridge Pot' and loved creating our own versions, for example, 'The Magic Kettle', which creates amazing, sweet tea when you ask it to! In maths, we have been working hard on our addition and subtraction skills and learnt many new techniques like the column method to help us answer calculations.

As scientists, we have been building on our knowledge of animals and looking closely at living things and their habitats. It was great to be able to explore the local area to find many different animals living in their micro-habitats. We also loved finding out about why different animals are suited to their habitats and developed our understanding of different food chains.

In geography, our topic has been 'Our School', during this we have been using maps and fieldwork skills to investigate places in and around our school. As geographers, we have used locational and directional language to describe different things in the area, looked at aerial view maps of the school and Wellington, and learnt how symbols are used on maps.

We have particularly loved becoming artists this half term using charcoal. We looked at an artist called 'Caroline Denovaud'. She uses her whole body to create her art work; we had a go at this ourselves, using different techniques with the charcoal.

We have also been working extremely hard to rehearse our Christmas performance of the 'Nativity' - we loved being able to perform on the stage and in front of the camera!

Our key stage one children did an amazing job rehearsing and performing their nativity. We hope you enjoy it: 



Autumn 1 Class News

We have had a very exciting start to the year and have especially enjoyed our science learning. We have been looking into whether all animals, including humans, can have offspring that grow into adults. We have had a mum and baby visit us, have put pictures of Miss Guarraci into her life cycle so far and we have eggs in an incubator which we are hoping will hatch into chicks!  

As historians, we have been learning about toys and how they have changed through time. We brought in our favourite toys and discussed similarities and differences between them. We have also compared new toys to older toys and considered why we think they have changed.

We have been inspired in our Design and Technology topic where we have created our own moving pictures using sliders and levers. We experimented by making slider pictures and are now exploring different techniques in preparation for making our final product. 

In Writing we have learnt the story - The Three Little Pigs. We have developed our understanding of how to build a picture of the characters in the reader's mind. We especially enjoyed making up similes for our characters to bring them to life. 

Remote Learning

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