Children Zone

Children Zone

Beech Grove


We are a Year 5 class.

Our class teacher is Miss Martin.


During our Enrichment Week, we retold Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf’s point of view. We also did some artwork of the wolf’s eyes using charcoal and his mouth using collage.

In topic, we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We have written diaries as if we were the Anglo-Saxons, produced timelines and created our own Anglo-Saxon village.

In science, we have been learning about Forces. We have conducted different experiments to investigate different forces such as gravity, friction, air resistance and buoyancy.


In Maths, we have learnt about ‘Place Value’, ‘Addition and Subtraction’, statistics and now we are on ‘Multiplication and Division’ in each unit we ensure we get practical! Here is a picture showing how we worked out square numbers: