Beech Grove


Below is a list of items needed for school uniform, in preparation for your child’s start at Beech Grove school.

Our Policy on school uniform is based on the notion that school uniform:

  • promotes a sense of pride in the school
  • is practical and smart
  • identifies the children with the school
  • prevents children from coming to school in fashion clothes that could be distracting in class
  • is regarded as suitable wear for school and good value for money
  • is designed with health and safety in mind.



On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in school.  The exceptions to this rule are ear-ring studs in pierced ears.

Extreme Hairstyles

The school does not permit children to have dyed hair or extreme hairstyles including patterns cut into hair that could serve as a distraction to other children.

Nail Varnish and Make-up

Nail varnish and make-up are not permitted.


The school wants all children to grow into healthy adults.  Platform shoes and high heels are dangerous and not allowed; children must be able to be active during the school day.  Shoes and closed toe sandals (not open toe please) are smarter and preferable to trainers.  Footwear must be black or navy.


School Uniform

  • Green Beech Grove fleece jacket* (optional)
  • Green Beech Grove school sweatshirt *
  • Green Cardigan
  • White shirt or white polo shirt
  • Dark grey or black trousers
  • Dark grey or black shorts (knee length for KS2)
  • Dark grey or black skirt/pinafore
  • Green check summer dress
  • White or grey socks
  • Green/grey/black tights
  • Black or navy shoes
  • Book bag

 PE Kit

  • Yellow Beech Grove School T shirt *
  • Green shorts *
  • For colder weather: black joggers (not leggings) and the Beech Grove green fleece jumper * (or black jumper)
  • Trainers (daps are now not recommended as they provide little protection to the foot/ankle)
  • PE bag

 *These items can be purchased from The Sporting Duchess, South Street, Wellington


New to you clothing and bags

Good quality clothing and bags that have been donated to us are available to buy at the school; the sale and collection of these is coordinated by FOBG.  Parents are asked to leave their requests with a member of the office staff in the first instance.

Please help staff by clearly labelling all property brought to school 



Children are discouraged from bringing items to school and school can not take responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. This includes mobile phones.