Beech Grove

Online Safety

Ms Karen Turnbull (Deputy Head Teacher), is our Online Safety Lead.

Please click here to view our Online Safety Policy. 

At Beech Grove, we make sure online safety is embedded within all our learning. We also have whole school online safety assemblies and special online safety lessons in class every term. Beech Grove children are incredibly knowledgeable about how to keep themselves safe online and when using mobile and gaming technologies. These Power Point presentations are from some of our whole school e-safety assemblies:



At Beech Grove, we have a special team of pupils called 'e-cadets'. Beech Grove is a pilot school in Somerset for 'e-cadets', a multi-award winning online safety education scheme which empowers a team of pupils to work with all pupils at the school to keep them safe. Our e-cadets' job is to:

  • advise fellow pupils on how to protect themselves when browsing the internet, using social media on smart phones and tablets, or playing online games.
  • meet twice per term with the online safety coordinator
  • complete termly challenges relating to online safety

They keep everybody up to date with their latest information and challenges using a noticeboard in the playground:


Keeping ourselves safe

Each year, every class in the school creates their own set of rules or promises for keeping themselves safe online. 


Keeping your family safe

Please remember the importance of monitoring what your child does online, including on mobile phones, tablets and when gaming, and of talking to them about what to do if anything inappropriate happens. If you have any questions, please talk to your child's class teacher, or ask your child! There are a number of excellent websites with lots of information for children and parents:

Action Planning

At Beech Grove we use the 360safe tool to constantly review and update our online safety policy and practice.