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Children's Zone

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We are a Year 1 class.

Our Teacher is Mrs David


Welcome to Seals class - 2020

Welcome back to school video- September 2020

Home Learning

The White Rose Maths worksheets will now be emailed out at the beginning of each week.

Weeks beginning 6th July and 13th July 

Home learning menu - weeks 13 and 14 

Dancing Raisins 

How to grow a rainbow 

Year 1 English Booklet 

Year 2 Reading assessment paper 

Year 1 Multiplication 

Year 2 Multiplication and Division work 

Weeks beginning 22nd June and 29th June

Home Learning Menu - Weeks 11 and 12 (pdf)

British Habitats sorting activity (pdf)

Year 1 Independent Maths and English Work Booklet 

Year 2 English Reading 

Year 2 Extra Maths 

Weeks beginning 8th June and 15th June

Home Learning Menu - Weeks 9 and 10 (pdf)

Grid-references - Europe (pdf)

Year 1 English (pdf)

Year 1 Maths Workbook

Year 2 Summer English Activity Booklet

Year 2 Summer Maths Activities

Talk for Writing Link

Weeks beginning 18th May and 1st June

Home Learning Menu - Weeks 7 and 8 (pdf)

Talk for Writing Link

Year 1 - 10 Times Table Booklet (pdf)

Year 1 - 5 Times Table Booklet (pdf)

Year 1 - Reading and Spelling Booklet (pdf)

Year 1 - Summer English Booklet (pdf)

Year 1 - Summer Maths Booklet (pdf)

Year 2 - Arithmetic Paper (pdf)

Year 2 - Reading Paper (pdf)

Weeks beginning 4th May and 11th May

Seals Home Learning Weeks 5 and 6 (pdf)

Talk for Writing Link

Year 1 - Summer English Booklet (pdf)

Year 1 - Summer Maths Booklet (pdf)

Year 2 - English Reading Paper (pdf)

Year 2 - Maths Arithmetic Paper (pdf)

Year 2 - Maths Reasoning Paper (pdf)

Week beginning 20th April

Seals Home Learning Menu - Weeks 3 and 4 (pdf)

Phonics Lesson Schedule (pdf)

Talk for Writing Link

Letter to Seals (pdf)

Year 2 - Reading Paper (pdf)

Year 1 - Comprehension (pdf)

Year 1 - Maths Booklet (pdf)

Year 2 - Arithmetic Paper (pdf)

Week beginning 30th March

Seals Home Learning Menu - Week 2 (pdf)

Week 2 Maths Booklet - Year 2 (pdf)

Maths Workbook - Year 1 (pdf)

Monkey See - Monkey Do (pdf)

Reading Comprehension Task - Year 1 (pdf)

Plant Activity Book (pdf)

Fiction Reading Comprehension - Year 2 (pdf)

Week beginning 23rd March

Seals Home Learning Menu - March 2020 (pdf)

Twinkl Year 1 Home Learning Resource Pack (zip)

Twinkl Year 2 Home Learning Resource Pack (zip)

Useful Websites (pdf)

SASP PE - Keeping Kids and Families Active When at Home (pdf)

Music Activities (pdf)

Instructions - How to Make Magic Porridge (pdf)

Maths Grid (pdf)

Year 1 Common Exception Word Booklet (pdf)

Year 1 Maths Activity Booklet (pdf)

Year 2 English Activity Book (pdf)


Autumn 2 News

This half term, we carried on our topic ‘Let it Burn’. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and how he started the Gunpowder Plot to blow up parliament. We now know all about Bonfire night and why we celebrate on this day.

In November we made poppies and took them over to Wellington Park to put around the memorial. We held a two minutes silence to remember the people who died in the wars to help save our country. Mrs Keeling made a purple poppy and told us that it was for the animals that died.

We took part in a ‘Vocabulary Day’ where we could dress up as any word, other than a noun. We had great fun learning new words and understanding the definition of these.

We worked very hard to put on a KS1 Christmas production called ‘Bethlehem’s Buzzing’. We loved performing to the school and our parents. 


Autumn 1 News

Our topic this term has been ‘Let it burn’. Over the summer holidays we made houses out of cardboard and when we started back in our new class we set them alight in a fire pit on the playground. We really enjoyed it, and when a fireman came in to speak to us about fire safety he was so impressed with our knowledge on being safe around fire. We have learnt a lot about The Great Fire of London and how it started. Did you know it spread so fast because the houses were made of wood and were so close together? We are looking forward to understanding more about Guy Fawkes next half term!

In Science, we have been learning all about animals. We have learnt about the different types of animals and know that Carnivores eat meat, Herbivores eat plants and vegetables and Omnivores eat both! We are now looking at different Habitats.

As a class we have really enjoyed creating a love for reading environment in the classroom. We have also been working hard to do this at home, the more times we read the higher up the class reading beanstalk we can climb! We love reading independently, with friends and listening to stories!