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We are a Year 1 class and our teacher is Mrs Sophie David 

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      Stage 1   is for pupils who are off school for a few days (e.g. whilst awaiting
                  test results)
      Stage 2  is for pupils who are self-isolating for 2 weeks (but their bubble is
                 still in school)
      Stage 3  is for pupils whose whole bubble has closed for 2 weeks 
We hope you find this home learning enjoyable and easy to follow. If you have any problems at all in accessing this learning, please do not hesitate to email your child’s class teacher – we are here to support and guide you. Your child’s teacher would love to see the work you complete. Please photograph and email this directly to the class email address which is:

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If your child’s bubble has to close or there are wider restrictions in place which means the school has to close, Stage 3 learning will be added here.


Class News Spring 2021

Week beginning 26th April

What an incredible start back to a new term we have had! We were really excited to start our new Science topic which is all about ‘Plants.’ The children have been so engaged, and to support our learning in this area they have brought in a fantastic range of plants from home for us to observe. We have had a huge variety of specimens which include an:  Avocado Tree, Venus Fly Trap, Chocolate Mint, Lemon Plant, Pansy and an Aloe Vera, to name but a few!

In DT we learning to design, make and evaluate a fruit kebab. As part of this work we have tasted some unusual fruits and vegetables and have learnt some food processing skills such as cutting, grating and peeling. We can’t wait to eat our final product!

Our ‘Talk for Writing’ story is a ‘Warning Tale’ so we have been learning how to build suspense into our writing and scare the reader! Some of us were a little scared when we had a visit from a dragon as part of our ‘WOW’ starter.

This week we also had a visit from some ‘Bantams.’ The children loved this: they enjoyed learning about them and showed great courage in learning how to hold them.




Week beginning 22nd March 

In Science we have been continuing our work on seasonal change and this week we were focusing on the wind that occurs during different seasons. We learnt some new words associated with the wind: breezy, gusty and gale force.  We then looked at ways that the wind can be measured and decided to try and test the direction and strength of the wind ourselves by blowing bubbles. We found out that the wind was mainly blowing in a northerly direction but that the wind can change direction quite quickly.  



Week ending 19th March

We have had another good week in school.

In science we are continuing to learn about seasonal change and different types of weather that occur during the seasons. We are learning to name the four seasons and the months of the year. This week we were also looking at different types of cloud formations.

We are loving our art work this half term. We are learning how to print using a foam board technique. Our designs for this are linked with our geography work on the Gambia and are based on African patterns and colours. This week’s lesson was creating a printing board.

Each week we are excited to continue to build on and extend our language, adding a range of new words to our class vocabulary tree. I would love the children to come to school with new words that they can share with the rest of the class.

Our class reading book at present is 'Flat Stanley' by Jeff Brown. The class have been enjoying hearing about how he became flat and the adventures that he goes on.


Week ending 26th February

We have a had a great first week back at school and have settled back into routines successfully.

We have been focussing a lot on PSHE, we have learnt about a new emotion each day and we have been using the ‘Zones of Regulation’ to identify how we are feeling. We have also begun to learn about ‘Growth Mindset’.

In Writing we have started to learn a new story with actions called ‘The Papaya that Spoke’. We all enjoyed trying some sweet, delicious papaya.


In maths we are working on ‘Place Value to 50’ and securing our understanding of tens and ones using a variety of practical resources to support us.

We had a very exciting Zoom call to Emily in The Gambia this week, this supported our topic work. The children loved it and we were very excited to see papayas growing on trees in the garden!