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We are a Year 2/3 class.

Our teacher is Miss Walsh.


                                 Welcome to Robins class - 2020

Welcome back to school video - September 2020

Home Learning



The White Rose Maths worksheets will now be emailed out at the beginning of each week.

Weeks beginning 6th July and 13th July 

Home Learning Menu - Weeks 13 and 14 

Food Chains Sorting 

Year 2 Reading assessment

Reading assessment answer booklet

World Habitats 

Year 2 Multiplication and Division work 



Weeks beginning 22nd June and 29th June

Home Learning Menu - Weeks 11 and 12 (pdf)

British Habitats sorting activity

Year 2 Superheroes 

Year 2 English Reading 

Year 2 Extra Maths

Local Habitats Powerpoint 

Weeks beginning 8th June and 15th June

Home Learning Menu - Weeks 9 and 10 (pdf)

Living, Dead or Never Alive Sorting Cards (pdf)

Mrs Gren Life Processes (ppt)

Summer English Activity Booklet (pdf)

Summer Maths Activities (pdf)

Talk for Writing Link

Weeks beginning 18th May and 1st June

Robins Home Learning - Weeks 7 and 8 (pdf)

Arithmetic Paper (pdf)

Grid References - Europe (pdf)

Reading Paper (pdf)

Talk for Writing Link

Make a Clock Face Template (pdf)

Weeks beginning 4th May and 11th May

Robins Home Learning - Weeks 5 and 6 (pdf)

Changing Shape Activity (pdf)

English Reading Paper (pdf)

Talk for Writing Link

Maths Arithmetic Paper (pdf)

Maths Reasoning Paper (pdf)

Maths Aural Questions (pdf) (These are the questions that match the first few questions on the Reasoning Paper)

Weeks beginning 20th April and 27th April

Robins Home Learning Menu - Weeks 3 and 4 (pdf)

Phonics Lesson Schedule (pdf)

Letter to Robins (pdf)

Maths - Arithmetic (pdf)

Maths - Reasoning (pdf)

Map of Europe (pdf)

Reading - Paper 1 (pdf)

Maths Aural Questions (pdf) (These are the questions that match the first few questions on the Reasoning Paper)

Week beginning 30th March

Robins Home Learning Menu - Week 2 (pdf)

Monkey See - Monkey Do (pdf)

Plant Activity Book (pdf)

Fiction Reading Comprehension (pdf)

Week 2 Maths Booklet (pdf)

Week beginning 23rd March

Robins Home Learning Menu - March 2020 (pdf)

Twinkl Year 2 Home Learning Resource Pack (zip)

Useful Websites (pdf)

SASP PE - Keeping Kids and Families Active When at Home (pdf)

Music Activities (pdf)

Music - Writing Own Melodies (pdf)

Instruction Example (pdf)

Maths Question Pack (pdf)

Spring English Activity Booklet (pdf)


Spring 2 News

As part of our 'Wonderful Wellesley' topic,  KS1 have looked at Arthur Wellesley and his significance to Wellington. We found out about the Battle of Waterloo and looked at armour used by soldiers. We then visited the Museum of Somerset to make our own shields and learn about coats of arms. We looked at the features of a Castle and Jeff from the museum was blown away that we made links between dates of kings in the museum and Samuel Pepys and Guy Fawkes. 



Autumn 2 News

We have continued our topic ‘Let it burn,’ by visiting Wellington Fire Station and looking at how the role of a fire fighter has changed. We were really interested in all the lifesaving equipment that they carry for pets.

On November 11th we remembered all those who have lost their lives in wars by visiting Wellington Park and planting our own wooden poppies.

Finally, for vocabulary day, we all came dressed as different words. We had words such as extinct, swanky, measure and brave. We enjoyed sharing our words and writing definitions to go in our whole school book. 



Autumn 1 News

Our topic this term is ‘Let it Burn.’ We started off the new school year with burning our houses which we made in the summer holidays. Miss Walsh brought in a fire pit and we really enjoyed watching our houses go up in flames. We then went on to learn about the Great Fire of London and in particular Samuel Pepys. As part of our topic, we enjoyed having a fire safety talk by firefighters. We learnt about how to stay safe in our home and what to do in a fire.

In science, we are looking at animals and their habitats. We loved going to the basins on a habitat search. In class, we have been researching how animals are adapted to their habitats.