Beech Grove


We are a Year 6 class and our teacher is Mrs Halina Bayfield   

Summer 1 Class News

What a busy half term it has been in Owls! 

We had a very successful Pay to Play event, raising over £400 for the Ukraine crisis appeal. It was a fantastic day, with cake stalls, games and face painting sessions. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the playground and lots of happy faces, as we had fun in the sunshine. This linked well to the children's Civic award target of making a wider contribution to the community.   

After the Easter holidays, we were back to hard work straight away with the SATs tests. So many children continued to attend extra booster sessions in reading and maths and we are so proud of their attitude and determination to do well.  

The SATs week went by in a flash! Everyone tried their best and showed great perseverance in all the papers. The children enjoyed breakfast treats every morning. On the Friday, they finished with a delicious bacon butty and had a well-earned rest day; lots of fun in the park, films and popcorn was the order of the day. Since then, Owls have been working hard on their writing; practising their sentence variation, punctuation accuracy and editing skills ready for secondary school.  

A couple of weeks ago, all the Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day in London, visiting the Houses of Parliament and learning more about the British values and Democracy. This linked with our learning about the changing power of Monarchy and brought our classroom studies to life. We even got to view a live debate in the House of Commons which was amazing to see. On returning to school, we have used this experience to inspire our written discussion texts.  

Last week, we all enjoyed celebrating the Jubilee day and Owls class treated everyone to a May pole demonstration. After lots of practice in the hall, we performed in rather windy conditions in front of the school. It was so good to see everyone in red, white and blue and we all enjoyed celebrating together, in true British fashion, in the pouring rain! After a slight mix up with our ribbons, we had another go and succeeded in weaving the ribbons in a traditional fashion. I’m sure the Queen would have been proud to see us! Afterwards, a lovely tea party was enjoyed by all, we even had corgi napkins to top the day off! 

Spring 2 Class News

What a fantastic half term we have just had, so much has been going on!

We were so lucky to have the chance to visit Pinkery in early March, the whole class loved the experience even though the weather on Exmoor was not too kind to us! After arriving at lunchtime, we explored our surroundings, including staggering through bogs, diving in ditches and feeling our way through pitch black tunnels, up to our knees in water! We learned how to start fires safely, played team games and even learned how to put a duvet cover on our beds! 

All of Year 6 took part in a 'Stand against Violence' workshop where we examined the effects of violence on society. It was a very emotional but informative day where we all learned so much about how to solve problems and deal with emotions. 

We have been working hard on our SATS practise and have watched our scores go up and up. We really feel well prepared for the real tests which start on May 9th. It has been such hard work, but the children have put in so much effort; we are really proud of them.

This Friday, we shall be hosting the 'Pay to Play' day with the money raised going to the Ukraine appeal. The children have worked on their stalls and are excited to share them with the school. Their work on Pay to Play, links well with our Jigsaw targets and school values, as well as their Civic Award. Owls have shown so much determination, resilience and kindness to others. What a team!

Spring 1 Class News   

This week, Owls class have been working really hard and had a go at completing a practise SATs paper. We are so proud of the way so many have applied themselves, come to booster group and we are thrilled to see the progress they are making. Their confidence is improving every day and we feel they will be ready and prepared when the real tests start in May. Well done, Owls! 

In total contrast, we received a wonderful visit from Kashmir Flint who came to tell us all about our impending residential at Pinkery. She showed us wonderful slides of Exmoor, the beautiful surroundings and the activities we shall be doing. We can't wait to go and are very excited about our stay. We shared some ideas about nature and spent a lovely session in the sunshine, looking at the variation of natural forms. 


Autumn 2 Class News

Our week started with an unforgettable Monday! Despite the weather, a very happy and informative day was enjoyed at Escot Wildwood Anglo Saxon village.

Arriving at 10am, we first defeated the Beech Wood maze although it took some of us quite a while to find our way out!!

During the day, we met a fantastic variety of animals such as wolves, wildcats and wild boars, learning lots of incredible facts and how the Anglo Saxons lived alongside these beautiful creatures.

Did you know plants were used for medicine, such as yarrow, comfrey, sorrel and nettles? We were even brave enough to taste all of them! 

After a quick play on the rope swing, it was back to the village to learn Anglo Saxon skills of pole lathing, metal bending in the forge and baking bread on the open fire. Of course, that meant grinding the corn in the Cweorn first! 

It was such an exciting day, trying new skills and tastes and it really helped us to understand how an Anglo Saxon might have lived.



Autumn 1 Class News

As scientists, we have had great fun investigating forces. We tested gyrocopters to see whether the difference in design or surface area would affect the time taken to fall. We were looking for the forces that would help it fly and noticed that the larger the surface area, the longer it flew. Wiktoria’s design stayed in the air the longest.

We then tested it three times to get an accurate speed of descent and worked out the average speed which was 1.55 sec!

We also investigated how the shape of an object affects how it floats in water. We tested a variety of designs using play dough to explore the effects of up thrust and buoyancy on the objects. 

We discovered that flat shapes did not float at all and that hollow shapes floated for the longest which surprised us. We were able to use our scientific knowledge and vocabulary to try and explain our results. After working as a team and adjusting our designs, we managed to float the play dough successfully. We tested our designs and checked if our results were accurate. One of the boats managed to float for the whole lesson! 



Take a look at some of our fantastic character descriptions using 'show not tell':

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