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           We are a Year 5 class and our teacher is Miss Jasmine Pettitt 

Summer 1 Class News

The past term has flown by and Kestrels have continued to show all of our school values. 

We began the half term with ‘Environment and Healthy Living Week’. During this week, we had many visitors and had time to explore how to keep our minds, as well as our body healthy. We particularly liked using the Headspace app to calm and focus our minds. I have heard that some children have continued their relaxation techniques at home too! We took a trip to the park to take part in some outdoor yoga. Hearing the birds, at the same time as practising yoga, was a special moment. Kestrels enjoyed the workshop from Carymoor and enjoyed being detectives as they learned about wildlife near and far. On top of this, we also successfully completed some team building challenges; one of them was to transport a bucket of water from one side of the playground to the other. The only problem was that the buckets and utensils had holes in! 

As historians, we have explored the changing power of monarchs since the end of the Viking and Anglo-Saxon period. One of our favourite lessons was when we created our own modern-day Magna Carta, thinking carefully about our new rules linked to the British Values. When we shared them as a class, we realised that we all have very similar views on how to live a life full of good choices and how to be a good citizen. We know and understand how the Magna Carta has influenced society since being written and know that some of the statements are included into today’s laws. Linking to some of our history work, we really enjoyed our Jubilee celebration. We loved watching everyone else’s performances and enjoyed sharing our poem. In class, we created a non-chronological report all about the Queen.  

As writers, we have built on our knowledge of portal tales and have enjoyed writing a tale based on ‘Time Slip Scarab’. Our invented stories were full of excitement and included hooks for the reader. Some of the portals had us exploring medieval times; others travelled back to World War 2. We thought carefully about how we could add detail to engage the reader and ensure they have a clear picture in their mind from our description as well as focusing on our openings and endings.  

As mathematicians, we have embedded our knowledge of the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. We can now easily convert and solve problems using all three. We used our place value knowledge to add and subtract decimals, even where there are different amounts of digits in the numbers.  

As scientists, we have developed our understanding of life cycles across different animals. In detail, we looked at the different stages and used key vocabulary to explain the process the animal goes through. We were really intrigued to learn that some animals undergo complete metamorphosis, whereas others undergo incomplete metamorphosis. 

Spring 2 Class News

Kestrels have had an excellent half term and have been very successful in all their learning. The children have continued to be amazing at showing all of our school values, but especially resilience and courage as they take on new challenges in their learning. 

As Geographers, Kestrels have had an exciting half term developing their understanding of the human and physical geography found in the North American state of California. We have explored the importance of crops and farming in the Central Valley and how water shortages impact this agriculture and the economy.

As scientists, we have continued our learning about space. We have learned how to use the ancient method of using a sun dial to tell the time, explored how shadows are made, and how they change throughout the day. We have spent lots of time outside carrying out experiments and reinforcing our learning. To finish the term, we were lucky enough to have an amazing experience in the 'Explorer Dome' which we all truly loved. Some children commented that they thought the videos and information were so interesting, they want to go every day!

As mathematicians, we have developed our understanding of fractions and can now add and subtract fractions as well as multiply them. We have enjoyed using our new knowledge to work collaboratively to solve a variety of problems. We have continued to increase our fluency of times tables – something we will be continuing with next term. 

As writers, we have been authors of a newspaper report. We took our inspiration from our own finding tales last term and created a newspaper report on the finding. We had all sorts of reports, including: lost jewels, abandoned children, treasure maps and new species. We thought carefully about the reader, ensuring that our sentences were factual and included quotes, both direct and indirect. 

We can't wait for more exciting learning next term!


Spring 1 Class News

As historians, Kestrels have had an exciting half term learning all about the Vikings. We have had the opportunity to find out if they were just raiders and learned they had many more skills which have influenced our lives today. We have also learned about Alfred the Great and considered if he deserves the title of ‘Great’. Some of us agree but some think he was ‘just doing his job’ so should just be known as Alfred.

As scientists, we have enjoyed learning about space. We know how day and night occur on earth and have several ways to prove that the earth is spherical. Our space learning linked nicely with our computing unit where we created a database all about the different planets.

As mathematicians, we have enjoyed learning new multiplication and division strategies and are now using our multiplication recall in our fraction work. We have been using Cuisenaire rods to help us explore equivalent fractions and have built our own fraction wall.

As writers, we explored the poem ‘The Listeners’ by Walter de La Mare and have written our own poem in the same style. We enjoyed learning about the differences between poetry and fiction story writing. We can't wait for more exciting learning next term!


Autumn 2 Class News

We have had an amazing term full of exciting learning. We have enjoyed learning about plant reproduction and even explored asexual reproduction by taking cuttings of plants, watching them develop roots and potting them in our classroom. We love caring for them and watching them grow.

In DT we have designed, made and evaluated a fairground ride (with lots of perseverance!). We are very proud of our hard work and enjoyed sharing our creations with our peers.

We have had a great term learning all about the Geography of East Anglia. We looked at a range of maps including topographical maps, ready to investigate the human and physical geography of East Anglia.

We are looking forward to celebrating the end of our learning about East Anglia and the Anglo-Saxons with a trip to Escot for an Anglo-Saxon day in the new year.  



Autumn 1 Class News          

Kestrels have had a fantastic start to the school year. As writers we have been authors of a tale of fear and an information text. We were inspired by Hansel and Gretel and the witch's house and then by the Anglo-Saxons. In maths, we have completed our place value unit and out addition and subtraction unit. We worked incredibly hard to develop our perseverance when tackling tricky problems and worked systematically when answering multi-step word problems.  
In our history lessons, we have explored reasons for the Anglo-Saxons settling in Britain and the impact they had. We love learning about Sutton Hoo and found the burial chamber fascinating as it gave us more information about their achievements, society, culture and beliefs. We have worked hard as scientist and have discovered how different forces work. For example, we looked at how surface area affects an object as it falls, how the shape of something affects how it moves through the water and explored why it is important to carry out a test three times. 
We are ready for lots more learning in term 2! 


Remote Learning

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