Beech Grove


We are a Year 3/4 class and our teachers are Mrs Georgina Martin

and Miss Karen Turnbull  

Summer 2 2024 Class News

Year 3 and 4 had a great Archie celebration day yesterday, to raise awareness of dementia, with Reminiscence Learning. They completed a variety of activities linked to scarecrows whilst learning Archie's story and how dementia can affect people. We were really impressed with the effort put into costumes!

Summer 1 2024 Class News

Otters, Foxes and Robins have had a busy week exploring areas of Wellington for their science and history topics. They started the week with a visit to Wellington Park, to support their science learning, where they looked at plants and identified the different types of stems and leaves. The week ended with a visit to St John's Church, for their history learning, where the children saw the monument which was built for Sir John Popham and discovered how he was connected to Wellington.

Spring 2 2024 Class News

Foxes have had a lovely half term; the highlight, celebrating World Book Day. The children loved dressing up or wearing comfortable clothes, making animal origami bookmarks and it was so lovely to see them being kind, caring and supportive during shared reading with our EYFS and Year 1 students. We had a visit from Archie the scarecrow (from The Archie Project), who shared a story with the Year 3 and 4 children and kindly gave each child a book to take home or read in school.
Throughout this term we have thoroughly enjoyed our writing and geography topics, both of which culminated in the production of excellent leaflets which the children are very proud of, so please feel free to pop in an have a look at their work.

Spring 1 2024 Class News

Foxes have loved participating in their Egyptian day. Their costumes were amazing, and we appreciate the time and effort that has gone into sorting them. Each class took part in a guided workshop which supported their current learning about Ancient Egypt. They looked at artefacts, painted their own Scarab beetles, made bread and became archaeologists; searching in the sand for artefacts that might have been discovered from Ancient Egyptian times. Each class have also created their own pieces of art and have had a go at dancing like an Egyptian. What an amazing day of learning it has been!


Autumn 2 2023 Class News

Foxes class had several wonderful afternoons this half term, creating and conducting tests for our forces and magnets unit of work in Science.  We enjoyed planning and investigating which materials were magnetic and testing the strength of the magnet's polar attraction through tables and other solid objects.  We also investigated friction and explored how things move differently on different surfaces. 


Autumn 1 2023 Class News

What a busy start to the new school year! We have enjoyed learning the warning tale, 'Little Red Riding Hood' off by heart using our story map. We have developed our skills in creating a powerful setting in our writing and invented our own warning tales.

As scientists, we have been investigating rocks and now know the difference between sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. We loved finding out which rocks are permeable and which are not and have enjoyed doing a different investigation each week.

In computing, we have learnt how routers and the internet work and created our own networks.

Our PSHE focus has been ‘Being Me’ where we have looked at relationships and behaviours in school which help us to succeed and be happy. We have developed an understanding of democracy, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and how our actions affect both ourselves and others and can lead to both consequences and rewards.

In history we have been learning all about how people lived in the Stone Age. We ‘walked back’ 65 million years to the time of the dinosaurs. We explored the evolution of and the changes in human behaviour and our development of those skills which have shaped the way we live today.

2022/23 Class News

Summer 2 2023 Class News

What an amazing end to the summer term. As writers, we started the half-term by creating our own non-chronological reports about mythical creatures. We then moved on to creating portal tales, which allowed our imaginations to create new worlds for our stories. 

As geographers, we have been learning about Greece, including which continent it is in, the weather and climate and areas of natural beauty. We have loved comparing similarities and differences between Greece and The United Kingdom. 

As scientists, we have been learning about living things and their habitats. A walk around Wellington Park supported our learning as we were able to identify local animals and their preferred habitats. 

In art, we have been painting with scissors. We started by experimenting with colours and then we painted pieces of paper. Using the painted pieces of paper, we cut out different shapes and stuck them together to create new pieces of art. 

Alongside all of our classroom learning, we have also taken part in sports day, Beech Grove's Got Talent, the summer concert and had great fun playing cricket with Andrew and Jake from SASP.  We also loved our visits from a storyteller and Pastor Sam, who helped us with our learning in RE. 

What a fabulous, fun and busy year it has been in Foxes Class. We have all achieved so much, had lots of fun and bonded together as a class. 

Summer 1 2023 Class News

Foxes class have had such a busy and fun start to the summer term. 

This half term has started off with a celebration day for the Coronation of King Charles III. We really enjoyed learning about the British Monarchy and how the Coronation day would go. 

Foxes class have also enjoyed taking part in the ‘Lets dance for dementia day’ and 'Greek day', where we learnt about healthy eating and made our own Greek salads and flatbread. We even had a go at some traditional Greek dancing. 

As historians, we have been learning about ancient Greece. We have been comparing life between Athens and Sparta and how the two city states were ruled differently. We also enjoyed learning about some famous Greek people who still have an impact on society today, as a result of their achievements during ancient Greek times. 

As writers, we have been creating our own tales of fear. We have learnt how to create suspense and how to keep our readers hooked to our stories, without giving them clues about the mysterious things happening in the stories.  

As scientists, we have been learning about humans including animals. We began by learning about the digestive system and what our bodies do with the food we eat. We also looked at how important our teeth are and ways to keep them clean and healthy. We then moved on to learning about food chains and what consumers, predators and prey were.  

Finally, the Year 4s enjoyed a solar workshop in which we learnt how to make different circuits powered by the sun and used some solar toys!

Spring 2 2023 Class News

Foxes have had a wonderful six weeks this half term and managed to do so many things!

As scientists, we took part in British Science Week where we explored the theme ‘Connections.’ We looked at how different body parts are connected to the digestive system and explored the types of teeth we have and how these are connected to how we eat. As a school, we took part in a biscuit dunking investigation where we investigated the best biscuit for dunking.

As geographers, we have studied the features of rivers. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary such as; meander, source, mouth, river cliff, river beach, tributaries. A highlight of the half term was our trip to Simonsbath where we took part in a river study investigating the speed of the river flow, the depth of the river in different areas and the length of pebbles on the river bed in different areas of the river. Back in school, we analysed the data and looked at how our data is connected to features of the river.

As part of World Book Day, we all came dressed as a book character. We wrote character descriptions of our characters and enjoyed a book swap with hedgehogs class. We were very impressed with the children’s outfits.

A highlight of this half term has to be the snow we had at the beginning of March. We loved having fun in the snow and having snow ball fights. Additionally, we had great fun having a pyjama party for our reading reward!

Finally, as part of our PE provision, we enjoyed having some cricket coaching where we explored the game of cricket and learnt to throw, bat and field.

Spring 1 2023 Class News

Foxes have had a busy start to 2023! The highlights of the half term have been; Scarecrow Day, Circuits at Court Fields, visits to Wellington House, a netball coaching session, the Somerset Waste Partnership workshop and a road safety talk led by Steve from the Highways England.

In DT, we are exploring, designing and creating roman sandals and the children have had lots of fun evaluating the functions of many different types of shoe!

As scientists, we have explored sound and learnt how sound is made and how it travels to the ear. We have found patterns between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations that produced it and even became a sound wave to watch this process unfurl! The majority of our learning this half term has been through investigation and finding out the answers for ourselves.

In RE, we have been exploring Passover and finding answers to the question, ‘How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?’ We enjoyed looking at the meals they eat and what they are and are not allowed to eat.

As historians, we have explored the Romanisation of Britain. We have looked at what the Romans invented in Britain and what they developed. This half term brings our Roman learning to an end after looking at the Romans worldwide and the Romans here in Britain. We have been so impressed with the children’s knowledge and questions about this period of history.

In writing, we have studied ‘Cinquain Poetry.’ We have enjoyed performing cinquains and writing our own based on the general features of cinquain poems - 5 lines, 2,4,6,8,2 syllables on each line and a diamond shape. After half term, we will look at the famous poet, ‘Michael Rosen.’

We are looking forward to another half term full of great learning, experiences and fun including the Simonsbath trip and a Solar Farm visit for Year 4.

Autumn 2 2022 Class News

This half term, we have looked at a region within Italy: Naples and Campania. The children have learnt about volcanoes and found out about Mount Vesuvius which linked back to our Roman learning from before half term. The children listened to the story, ‘Escape from Pompei,’ and compared how science has changed since the eruption during the Roman times. They then explored reasons for why so many people live near volcanoes.

As scientists, we have been learning about states of matter and exploring solids, liquids and gases. The children have investigated the three states of matter and observed how states can change through heating and cooling. The unit then linked nicely into the water cycle where children found out the parts that evaporation and condensation play in the cycle.

In DT, children investigated, designed and made a working torch. Their knowledge on electrical circuits from last term, played a huge part in this.   

In addition, the children have enjoyed: trying a variety of foods as part of our diversity week; visits to Wellington House as part of our ‘Archie Project’ topic; a trip to the church to investigate: ‘What is the true meaning of Christmas?’, and lots of Christmas fun, with a ukulele performance bringing the term to a fabulous end. 

Autumn 1 2022 Class News

We have worked hard this half term and shown great passion for learning. We started the half term by writing our own 'rags to riches' tales and have now become news reporters, learning how to create our own newspaper articles, documenting the marriage of Cinderella and the Prince. 

In maths we learnt more about place value; rounding, partitioning and using a number line to solve problems using numbers up to 10,000. 

As scientists, we have explored electricity and circuits. We created our own circuits using a bulb, buzzer, motor, switch and cell and experimented with conductors and insulators to find out which material conducts the electricity in our circuits best. 

In art we had lots of fun (and got very messy!). We have been looking at sculpture and creating characters showing their emotion. We first used playdough and then clay. 

Our learning in history culminated before half term in a museum trip where we dressed up as Romans and became archaeologists to explore ancient artifacts, before our Roman day. The children created a tortoise formation and held off attacks (in the form of plastic balls) from Mrs Haines!

2021/22 Class News

Summer 2 2022 Class News

 What a busy half term we have had!

As scientists, we have been learning about animals including humans. We learnt about the bones and muscles within our bodies and how these work together in order for us to move.

As geographers, we have looked at the geography of Wellington. We have researched the human and physical features of our town, studied Wellington on various maps and finished our topic with a walk around Wellington where we had to use our maps and compasses to guide us on our way.

Finally, we finished off the half term with arts week. We looked at a range of pop artists before replicating their work within our own self-portraits.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday and look forward to seeing you again in September!

Summer 1 2022 Class News

As scientists, we have been developing our understanding of plants and the functions of the different parts of a plant. We have studied a variety of plants, including those at Wellington Park, looking at how the leaves, stems and flowers differ. Foxes class have learnt what photosynthesis means and why pollination is important.

As historians, we have been exploring the history of Wellington. We have had some fascinating people teaching us all about John Popham and the Fox Brothers. We have been discussing the difference between history and legend.

As mathematicians, we have been focusing on fractions. We have learnt the terms mixed number and improper fraction, as well as learning about equivalent fractions and how to find fractions of amounts.

The children all thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our Jubilee day! They created some wonderful artwork to go alongside their poem.

Spring 2 2022 Class News

Foxes class have continued to work hard this term and have been excellent at showing all of our school values. 

As writers, the children have developed their persuasion techniques and shown a great understanding of how vocabulary can have an impact on what people think. 

As mathematicians, Foxes class have been looking at fractions. They have really enjoyed using a variety of concrete resources to help them develop their understanding and have even been able to use fractions in their day to day life. 

Foxes class had a great time enhancing their learning with additional learning experiences recently. They were able to apply their physical skills at the net and wall sports festival this week. They also had the opportunity to experience a planetarium which supported our learning in science and history. 

In RE, Foxes class have looked at the question ‘What is good about Good Friday?’ The class visited Wellington Methodist church where they were able to learn about how Christians feel about Good Friday and what impact it has on their life today. As a result of this visit, the children were able to explain and show a greater understanding of the significance of Good Friday for Christian people. 

Spring 1 2022 Class News

The children thoroughly enjoyed our Year 3/4 Egyptian day. Somerset Heritage learning spent the day with us allowing us to do an archaeological dig and make a scarab amulet as well as holding an Egyptian bake off where we made date bread.

As designers, we also spent time working on our DT Egyptian toy project, learning to write using hieroglyphs and making papyrus. All these experiences helped to reinforce the key knowledge the children needed to learn as part of this topic.  


Autumn 2 2021 Class News

We have had such a busy half term in Foxes Class with so many amazing experiences.

We started the half term with a virtual geography experience where we wore a pair of head phones and explored the four countries of the United Kingdom. Our geography learning followed this with learning about South Wales.

In science, we have looked at forces and magnets and were astonished to find out that the earth has its own magnetic field. We magnetised a paperclip and popped it on a piece of cork in water and were amazed to see that it turned north. We checked this using a compass.

Also, we have visited the church to support our RE learning, been involved in celebrations for Armistice Day and worked closely with Shane from the Archie Project. We all enjoyed the ice-cream van visit to school too! 


Autumn 1 2021 Class News

We have worked hard this half term and shown great passion for learning. We started the half term by writing own warning tales and have now become news reporters, learning how to create our own newspaper articles. 

We took part in a harvest workshop which taught us where lots of different foods come from. We were particularly interested in the process of making cheese. 

As scientists, we have been learning about different types of rocks and soils. We have completed a variety of experiments to see which type of rock would be the best for repaving the school path. 

We travelled back in time this half term, discovering all about the stone age to the iron age. We are very excited about our trip to the museum and cannot wait to see some historical artefacts from this period.