Beech Grove


We are a Year 4 class and our teachers are Mrs Georgina Martin & Mrs Hayley Darbyshire.  

Summer 1 Class News

As scientists, we have been developing our understanding of plants and the functions of the different parts of a plant. We have studied a variety of plants, including those at Wellington Park, looking at how the leaves, stems and flowers differ. Foxes class have learnt what photosynthesis means and why pollination is important.

As historians, we have been exploring the history of Wellington. We have had some fascinating people teaching us all about John Popham and the Fox Brothers. We have been discussing the difference between history and legend.

As mathematicians, we have been focusing on fractions. We have learnt the terms mixed number and improper fraction, as well as learning about equivalent fractions and how to find fractions of amounts.

The children all thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our Jubilee day! They created some wonderful artwork to go alongside their poem.

Spring 2 Class News

Foxes class have continued to work hard this term and have been excellent at showing all of our school values. 

As writers, the children have developed their persuasion techniques and shown a great understanding of how vocabulary can have an impact on what people think. 

As mathematicians, Foxes class have been looking at fractions. They have really enjoyed using a variety of concrete resources to help them develop their understanding and have even been able to use fractions in their day to day life. 

Foxes class had a great time enhancing their learning with additional learning experiences recently. They were able to apply their physical skills at the net and wall sports festival this week. They also had the opportunity to experience a planetarium which supported our learning in science and history. 

In RE, Foxes class have looked at the question ‘What is good about Good Friday?’ The class visited Wellington Methodist church where they were able to learn about how Christians feel about Good Friday and what impact it has on their life today. As a result of this visit, the children were able to explain and show a greater understanding of the significance of Good Friday for Christian people. 

Spring 1 Class News

The children thoroughly enjoyed our Year 3/4 Egyptian day. Somerset Heritage learning spent the day with us allowing us to do an archaeological dig and make a scarab amulet as well as holding an Egyptian bake off where we made date bread.

As designers, we also spent time working on our DT Egyptian toy project, learning to write using hieroglyphs and making papyrus. All these experiences helped to reinforce the key knowledge the children needed to learn as part of this topic.  


Autumn 2 Class News

We have had such a busy half term in Foxes Class with so many amazing experiences.

We started the half term with a virtual geography experience where we wore a pair of head phones and explored the four countries of the United Kingdom. Our geography learning followed this with learning about South Wales.

In science, we have looked at forces and magnets and were astonished to find out that the earth has its own magnetic field. We magnetised a paperclip and popped it on a piece of cork in water and were amazed to see that it turned north. We checked this using a compass.

Also, we have visited the church to support our RE learning, been involved in celebrations for Armistice Day and worked closely with Shane from the Archie Project. We all enjoyed the ice-cream van visit to school too! 


Autumn 1 Class News

We have worked hard this half term and shown great passion for learning. We started the half term by writing own warning tales and have now become news reporters, learning how to create our own newspaper articles. 

We took part in a harvest workshop which taught us where lots of different foods come from. We were particularly interested in the process of making cheese. 

As scientists, we have been learning about different types of rocks and soils. We have completed a variety of experiments to see which type of rock would be the best for repaving the school path. 

We travelled back in time this half term, discovering all about the stone age to the iron age. We are very excited about our trip to the museum and cannot wait to see some historical artefacts from this period. 

Remote Learning

If your child is self-isolating because they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or they have tested positive for COVID-19, they can still access their learning from home, if they are well enough to do so. All remote learning will be emailed directly to you (it will no longer be uploaded on to the school website). 
We appreciate that some children may be feeling unwell, and will therefore not be able to continue with their learning at home.        
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