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We are a Year 5 class and our teacher is Miss Katherine Smith

Summer 1 Class News

In their own words, Badgers Class have had "an amazing half term!"

The children have continued to show all of our school values, but especially resilience; their art and DT projects were excellent examples of this.

As writers, we have built on our knowledge of story writing by adapting our model text ‘Timeslip Scarab’ to write our own portal tale focusing on openings and endings. The children showed great recollection of the toolkit of a portal story and were able to apply the complex language skills effectively.

As mathematicians, we have developed our knowledge of fractions, percentages and decimals so that we are able to convert between the three. We have continued to build on this knowledge by adding and subtracting decimals up to three decimal places. This has tested our understanding of place value and it has been a good opportunity to embed our understanding of column addition and subtraction.

As historians, we have been looking at ‘The Changing Power of Monarchs’, focusing on the reigns of King John, Queen Anne and Queen Victoria. The children’s ability to evaluate and analyse a variety of sources has improved and they can now consider the following when looking at a source: When was the source made? Why was the source made? Who created the source? This kind of analytical thinking will be vital during history as the children continue to explore different time periods. Whilst learning about King John, we created our own Magna Carta and even got to tea stain the paper! It was lovely to hear what rules the children would implement to promote the five British Values: Democracy, Tolerance, Respect, Individual Liberty and Rule of Law.

As scientists, we have explored living things and their habitat. We are now able to recall the life-cycle of a variety of animals including amphibians, birds and mammals. It was really interesting to see the similarities and differences between each group of animals and to watch a variety of time lapse videos showing animals growing. Whilst watching a time lapse video of an egg hatching, we were able to talk about the artificial heat provided by a lamp and discussed how that would be different in nature. It was interesting to learn the definitions of different types of animals and seeing if there were any exceptions (e.g. the duck billed platypus).

As artists, we designed our own ‘Festival Feast’ using Modroc. We designed an afternoon tea ready for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. After making the treats out of cardboard, we covered the shapes in Modroc (which is similar to plaster of paris) and painted them. To make the food look more realistic, we added detail to the food using thin paint brushes as well as felt tips.

Spring 2 Class News

Badgers have had an exciting half term and have been very successful in all their learning. The children have continued to be amazing at showing all of our school values, but especially independence and courage as they take on new challenges in their learning. 

As writers, we have been authors of a Newspaper report based on our finding tale from last term. We were inspired by the short story ‘Kidnapped!’, which sparked our imaginations when writing our own finding tale. As well as this, the children really enjoyed our poetry unit based on ‘The Eagle’ by Lord Anthony Tennyson. We began by exploring the rhythm, rhyme and vocabulary of the poem and developed our ideas of how we could describe a bird of prey. The writing, which focused on the appearance and movements of a peregrine falcon, was very powerful. We then wrote our own poems about an animal of our choice.

As mathematicians, we have continued our learning on fractions moving onto multiplying fractions (including mixed numbers) by an integer as well as finding fractions of an amount. The children’s understanding of fractions has developed through the use of numicon and other concrete resources.

As geographers, we have used our knowledge from autumn 2 – learning about the physical and human geography of East Anglia – to make comparisons with a region within North America, specifically California. We were surprised to hear that there are water shortages in California due to agriculture, particularly linked to the growth of almonds.

As scientists, we have explored space and the solar system. The children have been fascinated by this topic and their thirst for learning has been wonderful to see. A number of children have also completed independent learning at home, showing how enthralled they have been. They have learned about each planet and the order and movement of the planets in relation to the sun and have conducted different experiments to prove the curvature of the earth. As well as this, we explored how we could use the position of the sun and shadows to tell the time.

To conclude our science unit of work, we spent the afternoon looking at Earth and Space in the planetarium. It was fascinating!


Spring 1 Class News

Badgers have had an exciting half term as historians, learning all about the Vikings. This linked well with our previous history unit on the Anglo-Saxons and our geography unit on East Anglia.  We looked in depth at King Alfred the Great and his descendants, considering what impact he had on Britain and whether these changes are still present today. As well as this, we thought about the question 'Were Vikings more than just raiders?' and wrote a discussion text on this. 

As mathmaticians, we have enjoyed learning about multiplication and division. We have used a range of strategies and maths equipment to help us deepen our understanding and are now feeling more confident using strategies such as long and short multiplication.

As writers, we have learnt how to write a 'finding tale' focusing on suspense, and created our own versions of our model text - 'Kidnapped'.

As scientists, we have been exploring Earth and Space! This has linked nicely with our computing unit as we have created our own databases about the different planets in our solar system. We can't wait for more exciting learning next term!



Autumn 2 Class News

Badgers have had a great term learning all about the Geography of East Anglia. We looked at a range of maps including topographical maps ready to investigate the human and physical geography of East Anglia.

To celebrate our learning from the autumn term, where we explored the history of Anglo Saxons and East Anglia, we visited Escot for an Anglo-Saxon day.

We thoroughly enjoyed grinding our own flour before making bread on a cob oven. As well as this, we carved runes into a wooden black to make a sign for Badger Class. When visiting the blacksmith, we worked together to create a brooch for the class.






Autumn 1 Class News

What a busy half term it has been! We have quickly settled into the new school year showing some amazing learning behaviours in class and around the school. 

In English, we have been writing a tale of fear based on Hansel and Gretel focusing on character and dialogue. We have been using 'show not tell' to build suspense whilst describing the main characters in detail. 

Our PSHE unit for this term is 'Being Me in My World' and we have been learning to empathise with people in this country whose lives are different to our own. We discussed refugees and the possible issues that they would face when arriving in a new country. Using balls to represent these issues, we saw how difficult it would be for someone to manage so many issues at once. 


Remote Learning 

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